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Li Ruoqi 

Li Ruoqi (b. 1996)

Is a photographer from China currently living in Fukuoka, Japan. His work primarily focuses on social landscapes and consumerism culture. During his undergraduate studies in journalism, he became interested in the work of Robert Adams and gradually began taking photographs. He received his MFA from Kyushu Sangyo University in 2022, Japan. Since 2020, Li Ruoqi has focused on the social landscape of the Kyushu region and the metaphors within it in his works "Our work is never over," " Monument Road," and "something about us”. Li's work is often fictionalized using images and text, and he believes that the use of images and photographs allows him to touch the surface of abstraction. He enjoys working in the form of photobooks and is always experimenting with the possibilities of artistic expression.


中国出身、現在福岡在住。社会的風景と消費主義に焦点を当てた作品を制作している。ジャーナリズムの学部在学中、日常的な風景に興味を持ち、徐々に写真などを撮り始めた。2022年に九州産業大学でMFAを取得。2020年から現在に至るまで、李若琦は九州地方の社会風景や、その中のメタファーを軸に、「Our work is never over」、「Monument Road」、「something about us」という作品を制作している。李の作品は、イメージやテキストなどを使うことでフィクション化されることが多く、イメージや写真を使うことで抽象の表面に触れることができると信じている。 彼はフォトブックという形で作品を制作することを楽しんでおり、常に表現の可能性を試している。


2022 Fugensha Photography Award Finalist

2022 Imagingless Dummy Photobook Awards Shortlist

2023 Hangzhou Artisan Photobooks Biennale Shortlist

2023 Imagingless Dummy Photobook Awards Shortlist

Solo Exhibitions:

2023 「Shorter of Breath」Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza,Tokyo


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